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Why should I invest in solar energy?
Even if you don’t own your own home or have a lot of disposable income (like many of us in this economy), you can help contribute to a solution to our energy problems, right now. Some reasons to invest in a Plug and Play Solar kit include:
Clean air: Solar energy technology is one of the few truly clean carbon-free forms of energy available. Using solar can help prevent the release of nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into our environment, for cleaner air now and for future generations of people, not to mention animals, plants and all forms of life on earth.

Reliable grid-tied solar energy: While others complain about high-energy costs, brown-outs and black-outs, solar can provide energy during times of production problems and peak usage. The Plug and Play Solar Kit is portable and can generate clean energy anywhere there’s an outlet and a sunny spot.

Less reliance on foreign energy: While others are contributing to our dangerous reliance on foreign energy sources from unstable regions, you can be setting a standard of taking steps toward clean, self-sustaining energy.

How much will I save?
Individual savings will vary based on geographical location and local utility rates. In some areas, one unit alone can save an average of Rs 300 - Rs 600 on your monthly electricity bill. In areas with expensive tiered summertime electricity rates, it can easily save you a lot more. Each additional Add-On unit will further increase your savings by an equal amount.

What does it power?
Every Plug and Play unit, big or small, will be providing power to your home or business by supplementing your overall energy needs. Anything you plug into your house – toaster oven, computer, microwave, dishwasher, laundry machine, fax – are essentially being powered in part by your Plug and Play Solar Stealth 2.0 unit.

Where can I install it?
It can be installed anywhere there is a full sun. Plug and Play Solar kits can be installed on roof, yard, ramps or hang from walls or balcony. All you need is enough space in a sunny area to set the unit.

Do I need an electrician to install it?
Nope. You won’t need hired help, hassles or extra costs. All Plug and Play units come fully assembled and only need to be plugged into a dedicated outdoor outlet. If you can assemble a desk from a cheap furniture company without a carpenter, you can use the Plug and Play system – a lot more easily!

How easy is it to install?
Installation really is easy. One person can set up each panel, but it’s easier with two. Our advice is to grab a buddy for initial set-up, as it makes removing the packaging and placement of the panel much easier. Installation is fast, and only requires two 1/2″ wrenches. Even our largest systems can be set up in less than a half an hour. That’s a lot faster than a kid’s play kitchen!

How Do I Know it’ s working?
Once set up is complete and the unit(s) are plugged into the dedicated outdoor outlet, the system requires 5 minutes before power generation can be verified. At the end of those 5 minutes, it’s time for the play part of the Plug and Play system.
Included in each unit is a wireless meter that is very easy to read. The meter has three useful main functions:

1. It shows kilowatts generated – this is how you know it’s working.
2. It tells you your average dollars saved.
3. It displays pounds of Co2 emissions saved.

By checking the kWh meter regularly, you can identify and play with exact panel angles and directions for optimum energy output, something that is not possible with most traditional solar. The system is easy as 1-2-3 to set-up, but the fun part is plugging it in and then playing with it – so you can optimize your own sunny spots!

How to Get Started
It requires only three simple steps –
1. Determine the best location for installation. Each unit is approximately 3.25′ W x 5.5′ L x 2′ H in size. Find a spot that is free of shade and as close as possible to a dedicated 220-240V VAC outdoor outlet. We recommend a maximum distance of 50′ for best performance. If you need to exceed this distance we recommend that you consult with us for additional wiring.
2. Once you’ve determined the best location, click on the “Shop Now” button below and add the kit to your shopping cart.
3. If you would like to increase your energy output, you can add up to five more kits to your purchase. All Add-On unit string together just like diwali lights and plug directly into your kit. Make sure you remove don’t buy the meter again, but the meter on your first kit will keep track of the total power produced from all the Add-On units connected to it.That’s it! Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery and follow our easy-to-use User Manual in order to set up your unit.

Technical Information
• The plug and play kit is similar to any other appliance that plugs into a standard 220VAC outlet. The only difference is that the unit produces power instead of consuming it! When plugged in, a single unit will produce up to 216 Watts for anything currently using power within your house. For example, if the house is consuming 1,000 Watts of power, the kit will provide up to 216 Watts, reducing the electricity required from the utility company to only 784 Watts. Thus it slows your meter and reduces your electricity bill.
• The unit is perfectly safe when unplugged from the dedicated outlet. The unit is designed to immediately shut down when unplugged.
• All electrical components contained within the unit are UL listed. The unit as a whole is not UL listed.
When installed in an ideal shade-free area in New Delhi, will produce an average of 1.2 kWh’s a day, or 438 kWh’s per year. This is enough energy to offset a large capacity refrigerator or a 100-Watt light bulb left on 12 hours per day.

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